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Summer Company Yearbooks

Over the past 25 years of serving the County of Renfrew, ERC has supported numerous youth entrepreneurs to launch their summer businesses through Summer Company training and grant awards. 

Past Participants:

2022 Summer Company Participants

Clockwise from upper left: Jayden Collier (Collier Lawn Care), Calla Chantrell (KayakHER), Noah Pritchard (Quality Lawn Care by Noah), and Evelyn Nickerson (Ehvealen Mixed Media Art & Apparel)

2021 Summer Company Participants

Paige Neuman (Brightside New Media) Winter Biffert (Threadbare Sewing Services & Products) Wren Rauliuk (KayakHER) Hannah Summers (Summer Signature Designs)

2020 Summer Company Participants

Keanna MacKinnon (Valley Grocery Delivery) Maiya D Apparel (Clothing) Mason Godin (Mason's Lawn Care)  Isaac Young (Backyard Builder) Ryan Lapping (Lapping Lawn Care) Casey Asselin (Chorally Creative)

2019 Summer Company Participants

Tyson Davidson: Tyson's Wood Designs (handmade wooden items for your home, cottage and garden), Lucas Rosandic: MaLu Woodworks (handmade wooden items and jewerly) , Dorian Pearce: DPearce Productions(provides music, DJ services, lighting and entertainment for events, Heidi Duchrow: Heidi's Happy Paws (pet groomer) , Kelly Ding: KD Creations (works of art, and craft items), Faith Ebert: Faith Anne Art & Portraits (pencil sketchs of animals and vehicles) Courtney Smith: Mad Dogs (Hot dog hut).

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