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Starter Company Plus

Training, Mentoring, Funding Opportunity

A fast-track training program designed to guide you in developing your business plan and cash flow projections with opportunity to pitch for a grant

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Spring intake is now closed. Join Contact List for fall session!

The Spring information sessions have now concluded and intake for spring training is in progress. 


The next available information sessions will be offered in August of 2024 for the September training session. To ensure you receive an invite to an information session, kindly join the contact list!

Recent Grant Award Recipients 

StCo+ Participants Fall 2023 Poster.jpg

Fall 2023

Award recipients include: Jo-anne Caldwell of Rivers and Valley Coffee Company (Haley Station), Terri-Lee Cameron of TLC Fitness & More (Renfrew), Sarah Jellen Aadoson of Snapdragon Glass (Arnprior), Michelle Jozwiak of The Wizard of Pawz (Renfrew), Kiranraj Kamath of Indian Curry Pot (Arnprior), Krisanne Mascarenhas of Ottawa Valley Sport & Spine (Deep River), Laurence Roy of Arnprior Pelvic & Pediatric Physiotherapy (Arnprior), Amanda Sage of Deep Roots Nature & Nursery School (Deep River) and Derek Weidhaas of White Pine Bison (Pembroke). 


'Starter Company Plus has offered me and my small business an amazing opportunity, not just the chance to compete for a grant - but to learn, grow and hone my abilities to operate as a small business owner. I would recommend any new entrepreneur to this program and would even go as far to say it is a MUST before you launch!'


'Excellent program for anyone wanting a business course specific to their own business. Great help and presenters, I never would have completed so much in such little time without the due dates given. Highly recommend for anyone wanting to take their business to the next level.'


'As someone who didn't put in quite enough time into the program and who didn't have a clear vision at the start of the program, I still found the whole program incredibly useful. I may not have pitched but the info, advice and other stories from everyone has given me a clear vision for where I want to take my business. Highly recommend this program!'


Program Details

Starter Company PLUS participants in training write a full business plan, complete two years of cash-flow projections, complete sessions with insurance, legal, and accounting experts, and have opportunity to compete through a pitch for a grant of up to $4,000 to start, grow or purchase their business.

Please Note: The award portion of the program is a competition; Not every applicant will receive a grant.

Applicants can only compete for the grant during the time frame of their application and acceptance into the Starter Company Plus program.

Applicants must be a resident of the County of Renfrew and the business must be based in and operating within the County of Renfrew.


Information Session Dates:

Please check the workshop calendar for info session dates and registrations or register below for an info session. Typically sessions are offered in the spring and fall. All meetings and training sessions are held online via Zoom. 

Mandatory Training Dates

To take part in the Starter Company PLUS Program you must be available to attend business training. All training will take place remotely via Zoom. You must have Microsoft Office Suite to access program training templates and will require @gmail address to access google classroom. 

Application Process

- Choose a time and attend an Information Session

- Submit the application form (will be provided after attending an Information Session)

- Participate in a one-on-one telephone interview

- If accepted into the training portion of the program, applicants must:

- Submit and sign an application form electronically

- Submit and sign a learning agreement

- Provide a copy of a business registration

- Write a business plan that includes two years cash-flow projections

- Attend all business training sessions

- Follow a personal learning plan

- Attend all sessions and complete all requirements to earn a pitch opportunity

- Applicants competing for the grant must provide 25% proof of financial contribution

- To compete for the business grant, you must prepare and pitch a fifteen minute presentation

   to the Grant Review Committee.  

*Successful grant recipients will continue with an additional two month coaching and reporting period. All program participants may access individualized business coaching post program.


To discuss the program and ask any questions call at: 613.735.8224

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Starter Company Plus

Many dedicated entrepreneurs have participated in Starter Company Plus training and earned grants over the 25 years ERC has been serving the region! 

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