Focus Photoprints: Daniel Fritzsche (Summer Company)

<b>Photo of Lily</b><b>3D Print of lily</b><b>Lithophane of lily</b><b>Lithophane </b><b>Daniel and 3D Printer</b><b>3D Printed Keychains </b>

Daniel Fritzsche is operating Focus Photoprints located in Deep River. Daniel takes photos and will also use your photos to create a 3D printed lithophane. Focus Photoprint can create many items using the 3D printer, contact for a quote on your custom order.

What is a lithophane you ask? It is a three dimensional image that changes according to the intensity of light strking the back of the photo.

Lithophanes would make great gifts, you can have them made to mark special occasions, for special people in your life, local landmarks, vacation spots and your favorite sports. What about a lithophane that highlights your dog, cat, horse or other beloved animals.

For more information visit  Focus Photoprints  phone: 613-602-0252 by email