Summer Company 2013

<b>Molly's Dance Company - Molly Hanneman-Miller</b><br />Molly opened her dance company in Carp and offered dance lessons for beginners and intermediate. Molly also offered dance parties for children<b>Golden Lake Rustics - Blair McMillan</b><br />Bair handcrafts unique wooden tables, stools and other items using tree burls, each item is very unique and individual.<b>Gimme it Grilled! - Elisabeth Dyer</b><br />Elisabeth sells freshly grilled pani sandwiches, ice cream, coffee and cold drinks. <b>Seerlee Archer - Inspire Designs - 2014</b><br />Seerlee creates inspirational posters<b>Window Brothers - Mitchell Ray</b><br />Mitchell opened a business that offered window washing service along with washing decks, cars and driveways.<b>Valley Cool Treats - Hilary O'Neill</b><br />Hilary opened an ice cream business in the local arena. She sold hard ice-cream, cold drinks and snacks. <b>Dream Oasis Design - Kristin Bennet</b><br />Kristin offers professional website and graphic design, business card design & printing,  and CRM management<b>Handy Help With Social Media - Tierney Cartman</b><br />Tierney can assist you with all of your social media requirements by building your Social Media platforms<b>Reflections of The Townships - Maxwell Gillham</b><br />Max takes pictures of landscapes, homes, cottage and interesting sites throughout the County of Renfrew and turns them into acrylic paintings.

Left to right front row

Kristin Bennett: Dream Oasis Design
Hilary O'Neill: Valley Cool Treats
Elisabeth Dyer: Gimme it Grilled!
Molly Miller-Hanneman: Molly's Dance Company
Seerlee Dinnall-Archer: Inspire Designs
Tierney Cartman: Handy Help with Social Media
Back row:
Maxwell Gillham: Reflections of the Valley
Blair McMillan: Golden Lake Rustics
Mitchell Ray: Window Brothers