Wren Rauliuk Dunn - KayakHER

Poster of kayakers and camp dates

KayakHER is a Summer Company business owned and operated by Wren Rauliuk Dunn, her business is operating in Palmer Rapids out of Paddler's Co-op.

The business will provide sport development for girls 8  to 13 years of age (with an initial focus on paddling). There are day camps scheduled in July and August. Check out KayakHER's facebook for upcoming sessions. 

KayakHER will also have related merchandise for sale and offer online resources. KayakHER is a program that builds confidence, physical fitness and empowerment. 

KayakHER can be contacted via email: kayakher2021@gmail.com, on Facebook 

**Please check with KayakHER as some of the programs have been moved to alternative dates, due to demand of customers. Thanks for your understanding.