About Buy Local

For most of us, living in Renfrew County is by choice. Be it Wilno, Renfrew, Pembroke, Arnprior, Barry’s Bay or anywhere else in this, the largest county in Ontario, this is where we call home. Ever consider why? Well the answer to this question will no doubt be a choice of lifestyle based on ease of access, friendliness, affordable, relaxed pace and a host of other good reasons that we share and can relate with.

Living in Renfrew County is a choice we have now made. Shopping in Renfrew County is a choice we make – sometimes. We choose to live in Renfrew County because it provides the lifestyle we want for ourselves and our families. However, when it comes to purchasing goods and services how many of us really look within Renfrew County before venturing elsewhere.

Remember there is a link between you and your local goods and service provider – the choice to live here.

Granted, for some the trip to “big” cities like Ottawa and Peterborough is a special event and a shopping spree might be combined with a visit or entertainment and dining. So outside of the entertainment and visiting factor, consider the cost of these trips in terms of gas and time when only shopping for goods and services.

Then consider for a moment that within Renfrew County the goods, services, fresh locally grown produce, poultry and meat products are here close at hand. Large multinational and Canadian based stores are now located in Renfrew County that match and sometimes exceed the size of the same stores in Kanata, Ottawa, Peterborough and Kingston.

Of course the smaller locally owned and operated retail and service outlets are plentiful throughout the County. The locals who own and serve in these stores are friendly, knowledgeable, caring and often know who they are serving. Repairs, and warranty matters are handled easily and often on site by the local merchant. Farmers markets are abundant and provide locally grown, daily picked produce that hasn’t been handled countless times and travelled hundreds or thousands of miles to reach us.

Price, selection, quality, freshness, guarantees and healthy choices are what consumers are looking for when shopping today and so to the local merchants when stocking their shelves. So where price, quality, and services are comparable support the local economy and keep your money in Renfrew County – Shop local!

Consider these facts the next time a purchase is made;

Employment: Local businesses employ local people--your neighbors, your relatives, your friends and you.

Taxes: When you shop locally, your purchasing dollars contribute to local sales tax and support property, school and payroll taxes.

Quality: Local merchants care about their reputations. They want customers to be satisfied and will handle follow-up personally.

Customer Service: Scheduled maintenance, repairs and servicing will be easily available from local merchants who care about their customers and often get to know them personally.

Selection: Remember that you help create demand in your community for the products and services that you desire. Most merchants are pleased to help you with your selection, offer suggestions or place a special order.

Economic Development: Your local spending dollar recirculates five times throughout our community. Send it out of town and it is gone forever.

Save Money and Time: Local merchants are only a local phone call away, and they compete locally, which makes it easier to comparison shop.

Community Support: Local business supports area sports and cultural events.

Environment: Less time on the road means fewer gas emissions.

Way of Life: Preserve our rural way of life by keeping your business in Renfrew County.

Buy Local Today and Everyday!