Registering Your Business Name in Ontario

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Registering Your Business Name in Ontario
New entrepreneurs and existing corporations can electronically complete their applications electronically at:
Do you require assistance with electronically registering your business name? Set up an appointment at one of our offices and we will be happy to guide you with your business name registration via Service Ontario.
Contact the Renfrew Office: 613-432-6848 Pembroke Office: 613-735-8224
Who Must Register Under the Business Name Act?
Where Can I Register A Business Name And Obtain a Master Business License?
What is a Master Business License?
You will receive a Master Business License (MBL) once you have registered your business name in Ontario. Your MBL will contain the date that you registered your business, the expiry date and the Business Identification Number (BIN).You will require a Master Business License before you are able to open a business bank account.
Ministry Fee For Registration