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Searchable Canadian Trademarks Database

The Government of Canada has a searchable database that provides information on specific trademarks. 

When You Need A Business Number or Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) Program Accounts

You need a business number if you incorporate or need a CRA program account.

New (October 2021) Ontario Business Registry

The new Ontario Business Registry allows businesses and not-for-profit corporations to complete over 90 transactions online, including registering, incorporating, and updating their information

Small Business Access

Support, funding program and advice to assist you with starting and operating your business. 

Learn How To Sell Outside of Ontario

Ontario helps companies make business connections both internationally and across Canada. We can help your company sell to new markets by providing the expertise and contacts you need to grow your business.

How To Obtain A Certificate of Registration in Ontario (Replaces - Business Name Registration).

Business names must be registered under the Business Names Act (BNA) with the Ministry of Government and Consumer Services (Ministry). and are placed on the public record for public disclosure

Support Ontario Made Website

Support Ontario Made

The Ontario government is proud to support the launch of the Ontario Made program from Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters (CME). This new program will promote the many world-class goods that are made across the province by helping consumers easily identify, access and purchase local products.

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Social Enterprise - Social Purpose

Businesses around the world are redefining their role in society to foster business and societal success. They are adopting a “social purpose” to navigate turbulent times, and attract and engage top talent and customers. A global scan of these businesses, and recommendations from those that advise them, reveals there are three elements of a social purpose business, summarized below. “A Social Purpose Business is a company whose enduring reason for being is to create a better world. It is an engine for good, creating social benefits by the very act of conducting business. Its growth is a positive force in society.”

What is a Social Purpose Business?: Social-Purpose-Business-Definition.pdf (

Business Programs

Money, Money, Where is the Money?

In this section there are links to organizations that may offer funding and/or assistance for your business. It is up to you to investigate the links and decide if the program is right for you. This is only a reference that we provide, use caution when investigating potential programs, awards and grants.