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Starter Company Plus Award Recipients

<b>Conrad Arnold</b><br />Conrad is the owner of Conrad<b>Anna Williamson</b><br />Anna is the owner of Anna<b>Roisin Nwosu</b><br />Ro Nwosu owner of Move-ment.
 Enterprise Renfrew County would like to congratulate RO who has received a Starter Company Plus award, to help grow her business Move-ment.

Grant Recipients todate are: Ro Nwosu, Anna Williamson & Conrad Arnold

Conrad Arnold is the owner of Conrad's Hope Chest, located in the Pinnacle Emporium in Renfrew. Conrad pitched his business to the Grant Review Committee and was successful in being awarded the Starter Company Plus Grant. The award will assist Conrad in growing his business.

Anna Williamson is the owner of Anna's Lingerie & Swimwear, located in the Pembroke Mews. Anna pitched her business to the Starter Company Plus Grant Review Committee and was successful in being approved for a $4,000 grant.

Roisin Nwosu is our first Starter Company Plus $4,000 grant recipient. Ro teaches Yoga, fitness and Pound Rockout to name a few of her offerings. She holds classes and workshops at various locations throughout the County of Renfrew. Click here to learn more about Ro's business Move-ment .