Summer Company 2009

<b>2009 Summer Company Participants and Business Mentors</b><b>Stuart Kellar: Suarts Woodworking 2009</b><br />Stuart makes handcrafted wooden speciality items that are available for purchase at the local farmers market. His products are useful, environmently-friendly and reasonalbly priced<b>Sam Johnstone: Impossible Speed 2009</b><br />Sam makes customized silkscreen t-shirts. He hand-draws the design or logo to your specifications and creates one of a kind quality t-shirt. <b>Liisa Plitz: Panache Garden Design and Installation 2009</b><br />Liisa creates personalized gardens tailored to individual requirements. Liisa specializes in low maintenance gardens for the gardener who is too busy to maintain a garden full time<b>Kayla Janke: Kayla Janke Enterprises 2009</b><br />Kayla offers handmade stepping-stones, picnic tables and children sized picnic tables.Kayla also sells potted flowers and all items are available at the local farmers market.<b>Justin Barr: Green Valley Produce 2009</b><br />Justin grows vegetables, herbs and gladiolas that can be pre-ordered or purchased at the local farmers market.<b>Morgan Pirie: Revolve Training and Conditioning 2009</b><br />Morgan offers a youth camp where participants receive professional conditioning and training to help them develop their sports skills. She also offers one-on-one private fitness training for adults.<b>Matt Schroeder: A-1 Lawn Care 2009</b><br />Matt operated A-1 Lawncare and his moto of, "If God Grows It, Matt Mows It" he offered total lawncare at a very competitive price. <b>Angus Cairnie: Cairnie Firewood 2009</b><br />Angus cuts and splits firewood to his clients specific requirements for their home heating furnaces.<b>Alexandra Conway: Lets Play Day Camp 2009 </b><br />Alexandra offers a threatre day camp, children will experience writing a play, designing sets and performing in front of an audience<b>Andrea Desjardins: Twinsitters Day Camp 2009</b><br />Andrea offers a safe fun environment for children during the summer. <b>Robert Lepine: Killaloe Lawn Maintenance 2009</b><br />Robert offers raking, lawn mowing and odd jobs in Killaloe.<b>Travis Reinke: Reinke Visuals 2009</b><br />Travis is a videographer who records your special moments. He will create a personalized keepsake DVD for you to cherish for many years to come. If a relative is unable to attend a landmark event who not have it recorded so they can see all of the important moments from the comfort of their own home

The Summer Company program provides the future leaders of Ontario with an understanding of enterprise and entrepreneurship at an early age.

This program gives students the chance to run their own business with limited risk and the potential to earn and learn more than they would as an employee at another summer job. With Summer Company, students create their own job: a job that no one else can apply for.

We need to encourage and support our young entrepreneurs to reach for their dreams, as they will determine the future success of our economy in the global marketplace.

Starting your own business requires a leap of faith. But the many positive attributes, including independence and the ability to balance work and family are attrative, and many Ontarians appear eager to take the plunge.